Rick Santorum: Candidate? Pope? Ayatollah?

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If you really believe in Rick Santorum's Crusade. Wear the T-Shirt

If you really believe in Rick Santorum's Crusade. Wear the T-Shirt

Rick Santorum has gone beyond amusing. He is now approaching dangerous. He’s even scaring the right-wing of the Republican party and that really takes some doing. Comparisons to the Ayatollahs of Iran is inevitable.

If the Christian right is happy to have a crusader on their side I would like to suggest they think this through. I realize that’s asking a lot of people who do a lot of blind following. But please consider how you would feel if the next president was proselytizing for Islam, or Wicca or worst yet Atheism!

Santorumanity: Rick Santorum’s own view of Christianity

The GOP presidential candidate is against non-procreative sex -- even for married couples by IRIN CARMON at Salon.com

The GOP presidential candidate is against non-procreative sex -- even for married couples (Credit: Irin Carmon at Salon.com)

Our country was founded by people who were fleeing England because they chose not to follow a state religion. Santorum’s views and politics will make Christianity our new state religion. Not just any Christianity but Santorumanity, Rick’s view of Christianity. There are too many versions of Christianity to count in this country and each thinks it’s “THE ONE”. Rick Santorum is sure that his is the right one. When he has the ability to sway secular laws to enforce religious views, your flavor of Christianity might not win. Sound familiar? That’s how theocracies work.

Rick Santorum’s policies could easily become this….

Santorumanity is Rick Santorum's own view of Christianity

Santorumanity is Rick Santorum's own view of Christianity

Let’s Put “Care” in America!

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It’s been pointed out to me that some readers have taken my post, “Top Ten Obama Socialist Programs and How They Can Be Eliminated”,  seriously.

Sorry folks, but that was satire and my attempt to point out how the term socialism is being misused.

I was trying to make the point that social lifelines and especially guaranteed national healthcare should be as ubiquitous and taken for granted in this country as having a fireman come to your house to put out a fire.

None of our social programs is socialism. However, the far right and the Tea Party folks like to misuse the term to scare people and sway elections. No one in their right mind would consider doing away with fire, police, military, public schools, the FDA, or the EPA …except Rick Perry, and I already said no one in their right mind.

When you hear the far right screaming about socialist programs and “ObamaCare” think about our seniors on social security and medicare. The same type of opposition was screaming the same empty rhetoric when those programs were first introduced. Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, and Johnson were painted with the same knee-jerk  labels. But today in historical perspective we say how farsighted these presidents were and what great programs they helped start.

 It is shameful on a monumental scale that we are the only prosperous nation on the planet that doesn’t guarantee health care for all of its citizens.  This is not a new debate. It’s been going on for over 70 years.

In January of 1943 , President Roosevelt, in his state of the Union message, called for social insurance “from the cradle to the grave.”  

In 1947 President Truman, in another special health message to Congress, again requested a National Health Program. S. 1320 was introduced by Senators Wagner and Murray; Senator Taft’s bill (S. 545) was also reintroduced.

 It wasn’t until July 30, 1965 that Medicare (as part of the Social Security Amendments of 1965) was signed into law by President Johnson. That’s a 20 year fight just to get something passed that we all take for granted now.

Social Security was signed into law in 1935 and was patterned after similar systems operating successfully in Europe, including Germany’s system which started in the 19th century. Sound familiar? Every European nation offers healthcare to all.  Germany started theirs in 1883 and England in 1911.  At the rate we’re going my guess is we’ll be arguing about this for another 40 years and then our great-grandchildren will accept it as normal, just like police and fire protection.

HealthCare.gov: Take health care into your own hands  Learn More

Top Ten Obama Socialist Programs and How They Can Be Eliminated

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Top Ten Obama Socialist Programs and How They Can Be Eliminated

Let's eliminate all the socialist programs!

I am just sick and tired of the constant promotion of socialism in our great democratic nation.  Just Google “Obama Socialism” and you’ll get over 3 million hits. I think that speaks for itself!

In a short 236 years our country has gone from a freedom loving (except for the slaves) country to a communist, socialist, Marxist state where my hard-earned dollars are ripped from my hand to pander to the lazy and shiftless and the wealth is spread from the “haves” to the “lazy.”

What are we? France? Canada? England??

I am taking up the cause to not just stop our illustrious leader from adding more socialist programs but to start eliminating the ones we already have! Please forward this list to your legislators and put them to work getting back to basics right now! Continue reading