End of the World as We Know It?

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Oh when will it ever end? The World? No the freakin’ End of the World predictions.

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Well, looks like tomorrow December 21st is another scheduled termination date for the big blue marble. So in honor of the world ending (again) (yet again), I thought I’d just repost (repost yet again) what I originally posted back in May 2011 reposted back in October 2011 when the world was supposed to end. I have a sneaking suspicion I may be posting this same blog again sometime in the future. I

Depending on how things unfold tomorrow on December 21st, this may be my last blog post. You see, the world is on a collision course with The End – and I assume I won’t have Internet access to post anything. Personally, I thought the world ended yesterday with LinkedIn’s $8.9 billion dollar valuation on Tuesday with Arsenal’s utter collapse against a team that ranks 65 places below them. And of course, true to form, Arsenal dropped to 4

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